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Claessens Erdmann's design for the new greenhouses, with office and reception area of the Waddenglas project in Sexbierum (FR), has been approved by the esthetics committee with great compliments.
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The rise of Korengoud, Jan Linders' bread backeries brand

Jan Linders is relaunching Korengoud, part of the Bread Bakeries brand, We developed a revised identity and packaging. The redesign evolves the Korengoud pack designs and also invites the consumer to notice the big steps they make in sustainability.
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Leading sneaker giant Foot Locker chooses Claessens Erdmann!

We are excited to announce our new European partnership with Foot Locker, the sneaker culture authority worldwide. We will be helping strengthen the Foot Locker brands by professionally service the interior design, construction documentation, and project management for new brand stores, refits, and enlargements across Europe.
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From yellow ATMs to white bank branches

Last week, the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant reported that the coronavirus crisis is forcing banks to close even more branches and banks such as ING and Rabobank are planning to reduce branch numbers quickly. Many of the bank offices that were temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions won't resume operations.

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Design for the interim normal

Over the past few weeks, we have posted photographs by colleague and photographer Judith based on the theme 'retail and hospitality in coronavirus times'. The photos explore how retail and hospitality are dealing with the measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and, in particular, how they are communicated and implemented. The photo series showed some fun and inspiring solutions, but also more than that.

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Isn't it time to rethink and reform the concept of shopping streets?

We develop concepts for, among other things, shopping streets. This is a big part of what we do. However, sometimes we visit places where people seem to cling to idea of the archetypal shopping street. The idea of a shopping street as a place for leisure, where you can stroll from shop to shop looking for a new outfit, stop for a coffee or snatch up a gift.

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