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Ace & Tate Heidelberg

A strong brand with a local feel

different look, same feel

recognisably Ace & Tate, yet unique

store interior adapted to fit in with the local culture

prime example for the German market

Ace & Tate was launched as an online eyewear platform but soon adopted an omni-channel retail strategy. The eyewear brand now has a strong physical presence with 64 stores in 10 countries. The brand's strength lies in the way it seamlessly combines online and offline retail, and in such a way that it reinforces each other. The principle 'different look, same feel' is applied to all Ace & Tate stores. Every store is based on the same concept, which is evident in the way the products are presented. However, the look of the stores is adapted to fit in with the local culture. CE was commissioned by Ace & Tate to design its new store in Heidelberg, Germany.
our approach
Playful reference Heidelberg Castle
The interior of the Heidelberg store features playful references to the symbol of this city, the iconic Heidelberg Castle. Located 80 metres above the valley floor on the northern part of the Königstuhl hillside, the castle ruin of red Neckartäler sandstone dominates the townscape. From a little further away you can see the sandstone volumes against the deep greenery of the mountain. Nearer the castle, you’ll notice that one of its historic façades frames the pale blue sky.

The colour palette of the castle and its surroundings served as a guiding point for the design, which we based on three contrasting colours; red, green and blue. We then translated these colours into materials and texture.
Creating exiting perspectives
The Heidelberg area and the view of the castle also inspired us to add atmospheric perspective to the store's design. By placing spatial elements behind each other in the store, an exciting perspective is created from the front to the back. This Ace & Tate store with its unique character is an ode to its surroundings yet stays true to the overall brand image. Different, but unmistakeably Ace & Tate.


Sander Bos
managing partner | consultant
Rita Martins

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Ace & Tate's strong brand identity ensures that each store can be designed in a different way. But our work for this client doesn't stop here. We also support Ace & Tate in the development of the stores they design themselves, carry out site surveys, and prepare permit sets and bid/construction sets. We can tell you all about our activities. Call us.

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