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REWE Smart Stores

Develop a series of autonomous unmanned stores for specific locations, ranging from Smart Shops to Smart Automats, and from Smart Boxes to Smart Stops.

3D interpretation of the REWE branding concept

clear colour blocking for instant recognition

warm and welcoming point of sale

One of Europe’s leading trade group REWE Group and its subsidiary Lekkerland, which supplies food and drinks to filling stations, are exploring the potential of autonomous unmanned stores for locations such as e-car charging stations alongside motorways. CE has explored the concept and developed a series of alternatives, ranging from smart shops to smart automats, and from smart boxes to smart stops. The first pilot of a Smart Automat has just opened in Bispingen, Germany.
Consuming on the Move
Consumer behavior is evolving all the time, and these days people want to buy snacks, food and drinks on the go, 24/7, quickly and contactlessly. Retailers are increasingly targeting direct consumption at high-traffic venues, such as motorway charging stations for e-cars. The design needs to offer an inviting and safe environment for consumers and support optimal stock replenishment system for retailers.
Food and drinks on the go 24/7 - first prototypes and working pilots designed by CE
Food and drinks on the go 24/7 - first prototypes and working pilots designed by CE
The first prototype designed by CE is the REWE To Go Smart Box. This shop inside a container filled with sensors and camera’s enables the consumer to purchase products without being checked out by a cashier or using a self-checkout station. The concept features a range of possible attachments: exterior lightboxes to advertise products and guide customers through the purchasing process, pick-up lockers, plants, bike racks and benches.
REWE Ready
For further development of the autonomous store concepts into working pilots, REWE created a new brand: REWE Ready. As soon as REWE had finalized the logo and branding, CE translated the 2D concept into a 3D design. The warm and welcoming colour palette of purple and beige finds texture and tactility in cement-bonded particleboard, birch slats and tiling.
Colours can be applied horizontally to emphasize the length of the container, or vertically to make it optically shorter. The colour blocking principle can extend asymmetrically around the container and into the covered point of sale. Exterior lighting enhances the feeling of safety created by the transparency.
Smart Automat
This design is applied to the first pilot working pilot of a Smart Automat. The biggest vending machine in the world. In this system, all processes are digitalized. This leads to a customer experience that is unparalleled in the smart store sector. From ordering to collection, everything is automated. Sales staff are not needed.


Sander Bos
managing partner | consultant
Anna Dolcetta
interior architect
Luis Monteiro
architect | image maker

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