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Revamp Trekpleister into a modern, consumer-centric pharmacy, distinguishing it as the community's go-to spot.
-Translating vision and core values into the stores through a clear 'brand language’
-Clear relationship between attention and action
-Roll out made simple and affordable
Trekpleister is part of the A.S. Watson Group, which is the world's largest health & beauty retailer. Also, the 48 yrs old discounter ánd long time Claessens Erdmann-client, Kruidvat is a member on the AS Watson team, and under the guidance of a strong marketing team, has been reborn as a love-brand during the past years.
our approach
Redefining the customer experience
Guided by the principle of "Always more attention and always more benefit for you," Trekpleister sought to redefine its customer experience. This vision is translated into the motto: "What can we make you happy with?"
Understanding the needs of Trekpleister's clientele, who value extra attention and personalized advice, became the cornerstone of our approach. Creating a retail environment that resonates with the modern consumer, offering not just products, but a full and delightful experience.
Our first task was to revamp Trekpleister's visual identity. We adapted the logo, typography, colors, and forms to evoke a sense of power, simplicity, intimacy, and vibrancy. The result was a contemporary look and feel that aligned seamlessly with the brand's new direction.
To enhance the customer journey further, we implemented strategic accent shifts within the product assortment, ensuring a curated selection that met the discerning tastes of Trekpleister's clientele. Crucially, we carefully determined the relationship between attention and action, laying the foundation for an engaging and intuitive shopping experience.

The checkout area was reimagined as a space for valuable advice, reinforcing the brand's commitment to personalized customer interactions. Making attention tangible within the store, we created an atmosphere where every visitor feels valued and heard.

personalized customer interactions


Hans Preeker
managing partner | consultant
Lieke Genten
architect & interior architect | partner
Anna Dolcetta
interior architect
Verena Hauschke
graphic designer

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At CE, client vision meets creative expertise. The transformation of Trekpleister's retail spaces is a good example to our commitment to enhancing customer experiences. See for your self or call Lieke to guide you through

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