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Returned to nature

A rediscovery for our colleague Lieke. "For years I've been visiting the Sint Pietersberg. The view of the Enci Quarry was well hidden by fences and shrubs. But after closing the Enci factory, the mine was made accessible. A real gem, you find yourself in an oasis".
Enci Quarry

The city of Maastricht is of course a gem, which is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Limburg.
At the top of the St. Pietersberg you now have access to the former Enci quarry. After years of mining the marl, the quarry has been reclaimed and returned to nature. And accessible to humans. From a viewing platform you can walk via a staircase into the quarry.
Special bright colors that come together here, yellow of marl, green of nature which grows there again and bright blue of the water.
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