Creating meaningful spaces

Read our vision about 'value & positive experiences' and our role as designers.

better spaces equal better living
We are spatial designers and as such, we work in the physical world. We believe in the importance of physical spaces as meeting places in the broadest sense of the word. Physical places as part of the ever-growing experience economy and, even more so, as part of the transformation economy in which engagement, meaning and purpose become leading for brands and businesses, and thus for their places. We have an endless fascination for how people live their lives and the way this manifests in physical space. We want to create spaces that enhance people’s lives and are meaningful as well as functional and, of course, highly appealing. Because we strongly believe that better spaces equal better living.

value and positive experiences
We also believe that businesses should not seek to compete on price alone, but should instead seek to attract customers by providing value and positive experiences. This requires thinking from the viewpoint of the customer and taking the customer experience -with all its interactions- as a basis. We do just that, and have done so for 30 years.
We offer advice on the customer experience as a whole, and have an exceptional edge when it comes to the physical aspect of it. Whether it is an in-store communication poster, museum display, retail shop, casino, formula restaurant, supermarket or a shopping centre, we see these as physical touchpoints of a customer journey, in relation to all the other online and offline touchpoints. By taking this into account in our research, strategy and ultimately in our design solutions, we translate value and positive experiences to the physical world in the best possible way.

our role as designer
Value is created on a strategic level and design professions are increasingly involved in this process. They are no longer simply executors of design briefs, but are increasingly involved in the crafting of these briefs and in the strategic decisions leading to these briefs notes author Giulia Calabretta in her book Strategic Design. Based on our background and experience, clients regularly ask us to think with them about an idea or task that lies ahead. Examples of our recent design-based strategy assignments include the development of a future vision, a real estate strategy, the definition of overall branch design principles, a new F&B format and redefining the commercial strategy of a retailer. Assignments, in which design is, in the end, the tool to realise the goals. Always based on our strength, combined with the customer’s point of view.

We create human environments, spaces where people come together. Both commercial and non-commercial, large and small. Mono- but preferably multi-functional. Over the years, we have developed significant expertise in retail & food retail, hospitality, leisure and the places where they come together. We will continue to do this, because we are very good at it. This is also reflected in some of our recent projects, of which we are particularly proud: the new supermarket for REWE Group in Germany, the permanent exhibition, restaurant with shop for the new Stedelijk Museum Breda, the museum shop at the Museumplein in Amsterdam for the Van Gogh Museum and the food experience ZiN we designed for Sligro in Veghel.

let’s talk
Back to meaningful spaces, positive experiences and the role of the designer. All this is clearly illustrated by our work; by our approach and in the spaces we create. We will carry on investigating, experimenting and implementing this role with our current clients and partners, and with new ones. Both nationally and internationally. So this is also an invitation: let's talk and see what we can do to create meaningful spaces together.
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