Opening first two stores Trekpleister

Last Wednesday, we celebrated a milestone as Trekpleister unveiled their newly renewed concept in their store in Putten designed by Claessens Erdmann.
The CEO of Trekpleister, Roland van den Berg is proud: “ The primary goal was to make the shopping experience more delightful, especially in these challenging times. When you walk through the store, you'll immediately notice the burst of discounts and promotions. "Always more attention, and always more benefit for you" is what Trekpleister stands for, and they have encapsulated this promise in their new tagline: "What can we make you happy with?"

Here's a glimpse of our approach to this transformation:
Modernization: We've given Trekpleister a contemporary look and feel by updating colors, and forms. The result is a powerful, simple, and visually appealing design.

Customer Engagement: Understanding the link between attention and action is crucial. We created an environment where you feel seen and heard.

Checkout Area: The checkout area has a new role – it's now a hub for advice and assistance inviting to help you make the best choices.

Tangible Attention: We've made sure that the attention is evident throughout the store, making your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Brand Values: We've taken a deep dive into brand values, ensuring that every change aligns with what Trekpleister stands for.
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