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Hello TV chooses Claessens Erdmann

Thrilled to announce that Claessens Erdmann is partnering up with "Hello TV", dedicated to revitalizing the retail landscape of TV stores in The Netherlands. Their primary focus will be on offering an enhanced shopping experience and expert advice to customers seeking top notch televisions for the best deal.
Having established a strong presence over the past two decades, Hello TV takes pride in having sold close to half a million TVs during this period.

With ambitious plans for the future, the company aims to become the foremost authority on TVs in The Netherlands within a span of just three years.

Under the guidance of Hello TV, customers can expect a great journey in the world of televisions, with the best sales support and knowledgeable advice. Together, Hello TV and Claessens Erdmann aspire to elevate the TV shopping experience to new heights and establish Hello TV as the ultimate TV expert.
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