great place

Back into the wild

Luis Monteiro
It has been a while since Luis has come back to one of his favorite places, where he can call is home now.
This is not only a place of beauty for its dense forests, the high snowed peaks, and the plentiful waterfalls and caves but also full of small villages that are somehow trapped between an old memory and full of joy and young life. The Pyrenees is a literal border between two countries but when you are there, most of it if not all of it dissipates because it’s just you and the wilderness, for kms and as far as you can see, even from the top of the highest mountain.

Luis says " I'm very happy that my greatest place is now just around the corner. It allows me to enjoy it with more detail as well as present it to my daughter Julia, who I hope will love it as much as I do."
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