Grand opening of the Holland Casino Utrecht experience zone

'Discover a new way to play...' in the new experience zone in Holland Casino Utrecht. Claessens Erdmann created this first game area especially for millenials.
CEO Erwin van Lambaart: "For example, there is a lot of attention for social interaction, game explanation and a lively atmosphere. We see from our regular guests that they are often very concentrated and calculating, the Experience Zone is much more focused on fun. Think of good cocktails, good music and a varied programming.

Holland Casino is certainly not the first in the casino world to try to recruit the group of millennials. "It is a global phenomenon. From Monte Carlo to Paris, they've been trying everything for years. We have looked around, but there was no ready plan yet. That's when we started developing it ourselves," says Van Lambaart.

Come and experience for yourself, from Friday the 6th of July!
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