Our ‘CE inspiration trip’ once every few years has silently become a tradition, and it is a good one.

We enjoyed a number of highlights of Porto city and region.
Being away together in that characteristic Porto is a treat.
Not only do we gain energy and new insights there, we also have time for personal conversations and consuming the Portuguese kitchen with a capital C. Yes, it’s hard knock life.

Of course we enjoyed a number of the cities highlights. Our favorites: listening to Mozart in Rem Koolhaas' Casa da Musica, wandering through the Siza’s Fundacao Serralves, lunch in Alvaro Siza's Casa de Chá. All that blue white tiling, that little French girl (...) Francesinha, the Ruby and the Vintage from hat dazzling Douro valley: we made some fantastic new memories, which we collected in a little travel book with our programme in it. Want to have one? Send an email to and it comes right over.
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