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Van Gogh Museum Shop

The Museumshop at the Museumplein in Amsterdam is part of the Van Gogh Museum. With over two million visitors a year, it is the second museum of Amsterdam. As a result of the collaboration with the Rijks Museum, the store has an extended assortment of museum souvenirs.


Design and build a new museum store and ticket shop with a distinctive identity: Amsterdam, authentic, inspiring and cultural.

Amsterdam, authentic, inspiring and cultural

our answer

The new shop is based on a number of principles: product is hero, clear hierarchy between product, interior design and architecture, clear routing and attraction from the Museumplein.

The layout of the shop is completely revised. In order to make the shop more suitable for the large number of visitors, the cash register and ticket sales have been brought forward. A clear pathway in the center of the store has been created with right-angled product presentations for maximum visibility. Products are grouped by brand: the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijks Museum, Heineken and I Amsterdam.

Like the master said: “Color expresses itself, you can’t miss it. You should use it. What does beautiful, really beautiful, is also right” - Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, around October 1885.
The colors of Amsterdam, which you see, feel, and experience while strolling around in Amsterdam, are used in every part in the store. With the spirit of van Gogh and Amsterdam in mind, we painted our own shop. A great space with bricked volumes on the walls. Drawers in red stained wood. A gravel floor with signs of a bike path to manipulate the routing. Canal green for standard presentation and Bentheimer yellow for the flexibel ones.

a clear hierarchy between product, interior design and architecture


A great new Amsterdam Museum shop: recognizable, elegant and operational efficient with more visitors and a higher conversion by applying the retail laws. Of course realized within time and budget.

nice to know

Since the shop opened, revenues have risen explosively. We don’t want to brag, but it’s a very nice result for both the Van Gogh Museum and, on a creative level, for us.

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