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How we designed the story of Ter Laak Orchids.

Ter Laak Orchids

Over 8 hectares of orchids and research & development makes Ter Laak rather special. Their story is innovative, sustainable and one of quality. The time had come for Ter Laak to tell it to the world.


We were asked to create a space where one could experience all the integrate details regarding the growing process of an orchid. A Ter Laak ‘Inspiration centre’.

We took inspiration from the greenhouse typology

our answer

Ter Laak just finished expanding on the next-door plot, 4 ha of new greenhouses, as a bridge between the old greenhouses and the new, we came up with the plan to situate the new experience center on a central point. The middle. Very visible from the highway, right in front of Ter Laak.


We took inspiration from the greenhouse typology, but this being an experience center we added, well… ‘experience’. That means that the construction is not made out of aluminium but very large wooden trusses and beautiful black powder coated beams all this while still retaining a glass façade and roof. About a quarter of the center houses the Ter Laak shop, Orchid Store. A place where customers can directly buy out of the ‘plantation’.
At the time of writing, the shop is first to open, the experience has yet to be finished. The experience is by far the largest space, it houses an auditorium, and several installations explaining Ter Laak as a company as well as explaining the growing process of the plant. It is also the place where the latest orchids trends are made visible.
Furthermore, the inspiration center houses a large restaurant for all the workers and some offices on the first floor.

nice to know

Ter Laak now has about 8 ha of growing capacity. Last year they celebrated the fact they received the award ‘International Grower of the year’, which is no small feat.

the place where the latest orchids trends are made visible.