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Unity in art.

Stedelijk Museum Breda

Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum of heritage and history for current artculture in Breda.
The museum is the result of a merge between Breda’s Museum and MOTI, Museum of the Image.


Create unity in the Stedelijk Museum Breda or better said: plan the spatial wedding between the museum of the Image (MOTI) en Breda’s Museum.

our answer

Within the context of the existing historic building Oudemannenhuis de Beyaard we renewed the interior of the museum: the entrance area, the museum café with museum shop and both the permanent and temporary exhibition including its graphic design.

Due to the available time (6 months for design and construction) the composition of the exhibitions and the design has been elaborated simultaneously. In order to facilitate this and to meet the different requirements for the art pieces, a toolbox of presentation tools has been developed. The principle for this toolbox was a restrained design language and a subtle detailing, all in favor of the works of art. The basis of this toolbox is also used for the temporary exhibition.

To give the museum a clear identity we developed a new design language with respect for the existing interior elements. The two original counters in the entrance area and the restaurant feature a wooden frame. This frame is also used to give the museum shop a wall presentation and for new presentation furniture. We raised the café floor for a beautiful view outside.

six months time for design and construction


We totally agree with Stedelijk Museum Breda: "Team Claessens Erdmann has made one connecting design for entrance area, café, shop and two exhibitions. A unique approach with a convincing result".

a new design language with respect for the existing architecture

nice to know

We worked with two great partners on this project. Hypsos was responsible for the implementation and Hans van Heeswijk architecten took care of several sustainability improvements.

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