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Feel, see, taste, smell, experience.

Sligro ZiN Inspirationlab

Sligro Food Group is a quoted business and consists of several different foodretail- and foodservicecompagnies. Among others EMTÉ Supermarkets and the Sligro Wholesale belong to the Sligro Food Group. Sligro Wholsesale has 50 stores in the Netherlands.


Design a place where everybody, really éverybody who works in the catering industry, so from barista to chef and bar staff to bbq-master, feels welcome to experience the latest news from the food industry and where master classes, presentations and culinary events can be held.

our answer

We developed an experience, where visitors are guided through three different areas: the history of Sligro, ‘the empire of the senses’ and the territory of the food professional.

The experience starts in a long corridor, where the visitor walks through the rich history which is brought to them via images and words. Through this corridor visitors enter the ‘empire of the senses’, where every sense is called upon. Smell, vision, touch, hearing and taste: they have to work together every day to process all the information we get during the day, but here they are isolated to become aware of the power of the senses. Per sense we developed an installation in which the sense can be experienced using technologies such as virtual reality.

The third space is the actual heart of ZiN. A multifunctional room where master classes are given in a large kitchen with screens and a stand, where there is an inspiration lab, a restaurant, a wine tasting, a cinema, indoor and outdoor bbq, various presentation and meeting rooms, a barista square and an auditorium.

smell, vision, touch, hearing and taste work together, all day

showing skills and craftmanship on the spot


A unique place that not only radiates the Sligro Food Authority but also makes the Sligro feeling tangible. A unique experience for foodprofessionals, who can show their skills and craftmanship on the spot.

nice to know
We also designed the concept for the Sligro Wholesale stores and are now working on the design of their headquarters in Veghel.

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