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Sligro wholesale

Sligro Food Group is a listed company and consists of several food retail and food service companies. Sligro Food Group includes the EMTÉ Supermarkets and the Sligro Wholesale. Sligro wholesale has 50 branches in the Netherlands. Photography: Mathilde Karrer


Develop a new Sligro wholesale concept in which we can show our authority as food professional again.

our answer

With the famous Marché de Rungis in Paris as inspiration, we created a store where the employee as food professional is the central focus point. Fresh departments are centralized in the store and presented in a light, clear market hall atmosphere with concrete flooring, large logos and white tiles for a total fresh experience.

Together with Sligro, we developed a number of new merchandising concepts that emphasizes Sligro's authority as food professional. The interactive coffee presentation as a tool for the employee is a bright example of this.

The instore communication developed with Vuurland supports in tone and design the new positioning as food professional.

the employee as food professional is the central focus point


A fresh Sligro Wholesale store: from professional to professional.

nice to know

We also designed the Sligro experience ZiN and are now working on the design of their headquarters in Veghel.

a light, clear market hall atmosphere

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