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Timeless with chunks of Urban, sprinkled with Pop on top.

Rewe To Go, Bonn, Germany

The convenience store sector is growing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The German supermarket chain REWE, with more than 15,000 stores worldwide, decided to invest in a new store concept in order to accommodate the company’s growth in this sector.


Claessens Erdmann was given the assignment to reformulate and develop a brand-new spatial concept for the REWE TO GO format. The fresh take at redefining a new image for these stores was aimed at addressing the profile and needs of REWE’s average customer: young, dynamic, trendy, health conscious and on-the-go.
The pilot store for this new concept was to be built from scratch in the recently opened commercial area around Bonn’s Central Station. However, the design was based on the premise that it could be seamlessly adapted to any other new or existing REWE space (including refurbishment of current stores).


In design terms, the space is meant to have a Timeless atmosphere reflected by the achitectural elements and built-in fixtures. These are defined by a neutral-authentic-artsy feel, which is expressed in warm greys, smooth natural wood and matte tiles. The Urban layer is inserted in the equipment for product presentation, defined by an efficient dynamic industrial feel and expressed in metallic materials. Finally, Pop comes as the ‘cherry on top’; navigation elements and communication carriers add playful graphics, geometric fonts, bold colors and flashy statements. These balance out the otherwise relatively colorless interior space and bring in a refreshing, exciting tension between opposites.

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It’s the most rewarding feeling to see the smiles and enthusiasm of our client, the REWE To Go team, which were an absolute pleasure to work with. Stay tuned, and find out which other REWE To Go stores will soon be rebranded with this new look...