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One collection, 8 moods, 73 different perfumes, one shop.

Otentic Senseperience Amstelveen

Otentic Perfumes has a clear philosophy: every person is unique, and every perfume is unique. The brand wants to enable everyone to find their personal perfume with their specific ingredients.


We were asked to design a store where the essence of the brand becomes visible and tangible.

our answer

The search for the perfect perfume is a 'senseperience', in which the senses are stimulated. The shop must be equipped for this. The hummingbird , metaphor as well as brandlogo plays a leading role.



The 'senseperience' starts as soon as you enter the store. You sit down at the bar, relax while getting advice on which fragrances and which ingredients appeal to you. The 8 moods, spread over 4 groups, each have their own character that are translated into color and ambiance.
We use these for navigation.

The hanging lamp is inspired by the pistils of flowers - from which the hummingbird gets its food. The hummingbird's tail and feathers can be recognized in the wall elements - on which the different moods are presented.

At the end of the bar is an interactive screen that allows you to get to grips with the collection by yourself. At the back of the shop, a digitalscreen shows the history of Otentic and the man behind Otentic's 'nose', Jean-Denis Saisse from Grasse. Speaking of that: scented glasses are aromatic, so you can immediately smell how the odor on your skin is.
The entire shop is actually one large showroom, which requires an open storefront. We designed a flexible display for the shop window. This gives space to present products while remaining open and transparent

nice to know

Not one kind of the hundreds of species Hummingbird have the same shape beak. That's why they can't all drink from the same flowers. The concept is the same in the Otentic world.
A unique smell according to the wishes of each individual.

A unique smell according to the wishes of each individual.

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