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A "Whole Body Cryo concept" applied in sports, beauty, health and wellness, has origin in Japan and is a modern and hygienic alternative to an ice bath. During the Whole Body Cryotherapy you will stay 3 minutes in a cabin of (minus!) -110 degrees Celsius. Exposing the body to extreme cold, and then warming it up afterwards stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, releases endorphins, flushes out toxins and starts other rejuvenation processes throughout the body.


Develop the interior design of the very first "Whole body Cryo" store. The interior concept was created as a defining part of this new company’s brand identity, therefore gathering a set of values and elements which can naturally be replicated in any new ‘N-ice’ locations in the future. The pilot store (our design), together with the website and app, bear thus the responsibility of launching this pioneering wellness concept into the retail world.

our answer

‘Sublimity between extreme opposites’ was our leading concept, inspired by the overall feeling after experiencing this treatment ourselves. Body versus mind, cold versus warm… somewhere in between, the subliminal benefits are endless.
The layout is inspired by a walk through the Japanese landscape. Dense bamboo forests, fields of cherry blossom trees, snow mountain cabins, high icy ridges, meditation patios... All these spatially translated into that sublime balance between warm & hospitable (reception area, dressing rooms, rest room) and cool & clinical (the ice room and fat-freeze labs). The ‘sublimity between extreme opposites’ is further emphasized in the array of materials and colors specifically chosen for this project. Warm tactile materials such as Japanese bamboo, textured wallpapers and nude pink in sublime contrast with cold-tactile ceramic tiles, glass bricks, concrete, petrol blue and cool “artic” grey-white.

sublimity between extreme opposites


N-ice's first "Whole body cryo" store can be found in the Gelderlandplein Shopping Centre in Amsterdam Buitenveldert.

nice to know

This treatment involves exposing individuals to extremely cold dry air (below ?100 °C) for three minutes. To achieve the subzero temperatures required for WBC, two methods are typically used: liquid nitrogen and refrigerated cold air. (wikipedia)
Regarding the rather pioneering experience of the subject of our project, our designers went for a Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) session before starting the design. This was an absolute defining source of inspiration and turning point to further develop the design concept and better answer our clients needs.

photography: Michael van Oosten | www.interieurfotograaf.pro