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Don’t fight, play the GAME again.


GAME, part of the South-African Massmart, which is part of Walmart, is a food and non-food discount formula. With 141 branches in 12 different countries, including South-Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia en Tanzania, GAME is one of the biggest players in Africa.


Competition is gaining in. GAME asked us, as retail specialists, to analyse their formula strategy and revise it accordingly.

our answer

Based on several internal and external analyses regarding the market, competitors and the brand, we developed a new strategy for GAME: ‘Don’t fight, play the GAME again’.

The strategy includes a repositioning of the brand and retail chain with translations to price, product and service. We launched a brand-wide look & feel and communication and store lay-out principles.

one of the biggest players in Africa


The result, for now, is a clear and concise strategy for GAME, a base on which organization-wide improvement strategies can be developed. With of course, the physical touch point of GAME: the store as focus point.

nice to know

We are currently following up and working on a translation of the strategy into a new visual identity and a new store. More about that later.

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the store as physical touchpoint