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Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light art festival in Amsterdam. Artists, architects and (light) designers from all over the world bring their light artworks and installations alive during the festival every winter. We are the branding and design partner and proud sponsor of the festival since the first edition in 2011. Last year the festival attracted 900.000 visitors.

Every year we start with a close look at the visual identity.


Help us building the Amsterdam Light Festival brand. Color the identity and translate to all graphical expressions. And design this year’s 38.000 m2 land exposition on the Marineterrein.

our answer

Every year we start with a close look at the visual identity. The ambitions for the forthcoming edition of the festival will be translated into an update of the brand book that will serve as a basis for all communication expressions of the festival.

This year’s edition we also design the land expostion. A 38,000 m2 'open air light museum' set up according to museal principles. We develop the layout and routing of the site and design the facilities; ticket office, information points, hospitality spaces and the museum shop. We also design all graphic layers of the land exposition. From the a, b and c texts corresponding the exhibition to all signings on the site.


A strong brand. An annual growing light festival as an open-air museum in winter. So successful that it is rolled out under the name of Light Art Collection… of which we also designed the visual identity.

This year the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei will create a work of almost 7 kilometers.

nice to know

The famous Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei is the ambassador of this year’s festival. He makes a light object called The Thin Line. With the artwork, Ai Weiwei wants to point out figurative and literal boundaries. With a length of almost 7 kilometers, the artwork is the longest object ever shown during the festival.

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