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Albert Heijn XL

Albert Heijn, a part of Ahold Delhaize, was founded in 1887 and therefore the oldest existing supermarket chain in the Netherlands. With 1.008 branches in different formats in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany they are the biggest. There are 35 branches from the XL-formula with an average surface of 3.000 m2 and 30.000 products.


Develop and design a new XL-format where you can feel, smell, see and taste fresh and just really good food. Translate the new concept to a pilot store in Eindhoven. Interior and exterior.

our answer

Based on the idea that when food plays the main role, everything else needs to go to the background. We achieved this by placing the products in the spotlight and giving the architecture a supporting role. Also we created a clear balance between product and store by using covered colors and materials. Contemporary and progressive instead of traditional.

We developed a new layout with clear sight lines to the different fresh departments located on a diagonal axis. We added new fresh departments including ‘Sap & Sla’ and ‘Keuken’. In order to share the story of breadmaking we created an open bakery with transparent provers. To emphasize Albert Heijn’s love for food we designed highlights in the gondola’s for product groups such as specialty beer, coffee & tea and super foods.
A new omnichannel place of bol.com has been added to change the boundaries between online and offline forever.

For the instore communication we worked with Blink, Stockholm. According to the idea of ‘his masters voice’ we developed a new graphic layer and tone or voice. The exterior is done by the architects of Pauwert Architectuur, under our supervision.

a contemporary fresh market, fitting Albert Heijn's DNA



A contemporary fresh market instead of a nostalgic food market, fitting Albert Heijn's DNA. The first of a new generation of Albert Heijn XL stores in which we proof together with Albert Heijn to be the best.

nice to know

This Albert Heijn XL is listed 11th out of the 25 international supermarkets you must see before you die (source: the Canadian Grocer). The Canadian Grocer praised it for its combination of visual merchandising and store design: ‘The effect is traditional and modern at the same time'. Or, as Kantar Retail analyst Bryan Roberts notes, ‘nearly flawless’.

‘the effect is traditional and modern at the same time'

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