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A discounter at a different level


Dutch retailer Actions success formula is simple: low prices, high profit margins. Or as the retailer himself says: 'We are a one brand, one format company with a scalable business model'.

Action formulated strategic priorities for a number of years. First, the unique customer value proposition must be strengthened. Second, Action is working on expanding its international store base. This year, more stores will be opened again than in 2017, when a total of 244 new stores were welcomed.


Action asked us to design a new store formula that takes on-board all the features of the current ones and stays as close to the existing design as possible. Important conditions were: retain the strong price-perception and stay recognizably Action.


To the untrained eye, it might look like we hardly did a thing. That couldn’t be further from the truth, in order to create a coherent store, we had to touch everything. Floors, walls, ceiling, fixtures, furniture, everything. The floor and walls became a light grey with the floor being tiled with a natural-feeling tile, the ceiling and shelving became white. On top of the shelving, we designed a system for navigating, which was lacking in the original store thus making shopping much easier. This system is basically a steel grid powder coated action-blue. The service desk, as well as some in-shelve highlight, were made from a white-wash wood which made it go great with the rest of the furniture. On the walls, we placed diagonal stripes, derived from the logo to accentuate certain sightlines.


A coherent new store formula, ready for the next decade that looks fresh, respectful and acts as the perfect platform for the products it's selling. We are very proud to work with such a great retailer as Action.

nice to know

The growth of Action as one of the biggest non-food discountretailers of Europe is impressive: they have over 750 shops in six countries.

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