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Frame Heidelberg's local touch

Ace & Tate, Heidelberg, Germany

Ace &Tate designs quality frames at a fair price. They don’t do “cookie-cutter”. All the frames are thoughtfully designed from scratch by their in-house Amsterdam-based team and are handmade.


Frame Heidelberg's local touch.

referencing views and shapes that can be seen from the castle

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A well-known ruin and landmark of Heidelberg is Schloss Heidelberg.
The ruin of the red Neckartäler sandstone rises eighty meters above the valley on the north side of the Königstuhl and from there dominates the cityscape of Heidelberg.
When looking at the castle from far away, one sees this patch of red sandstone volumes framed in the lush green of the mountain. Once one approaches the castle, the remainings of one of its historic facades frames the light blue sky in the distance.
‘The surrounding region of Heidelberg provided the inspiration with the perspective from front to back referencing views and shapes that can be seen from the castle’.

The successive framing of these different spatial elements of the region are the inspiration and the leading principle for the design of this store.


We created an exciting perspective from front to back, with a succession of spaces inside spaces, referring to the framing process, and combining the geometric shapes from the castle. The color palette refers directly to the vibrantly green forest, surrounding the red sandstone volumes of the Neckartäler castle, framing the light blue skies of Heidelberg.

The mural and the lamp were created by Gloria Landenberger, a talented local designer, and were inspired by her favorite spots in the city.

forest, surrounding sandstone, framing light blue skies

nice to know

Ace & Tate believes that a good design isn’t just about looking good, it’s about seeing clearly too. They’re not just for show, and that’s what we have in common.
Quality materials are central to everything they do, so much so, that they named the company after the cellulose acetate from which frames are formed.

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