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Strong spatial designer wanted

Combining people, space and design, that’s what we do. At Claessens Erdmann we are captivated by how people live their lives and how this manifests in space. We see space as a physical touchpoint of a customer experience. Is this also your believe?

We need a strong spatial designer with graphic design skills and serious creative power.

More specific, we are looking for a person that is like this:

You are a spatial designer with a couple of years (1-3) experience in interior design, product design and or graphic design. We think both are very closely linked and inseparable in our line of work.
You are able to enrich the initial concept with your own ideas and visions and are willing to do the work required in all phases of a design project. You are a passionate, proactive and independent designer that is clearly aware of the latest developments in our field.

And last but not least, Sketchup and Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) have no secrets for you.

We are a group of creative people that offers insights, strategy and design solutions for various, mostly commercial, national and international top clients. From our office in Amsterdam with a stunning view on the water we work on projects ranging from supermarkets to museums.

So… could it be a match? Send us your resume along with your portfolio of your best work suited to our office and our type of work. Keep it short, good things don’t need terrorbytes.

Send it to ester@c-e.design or contact her if you have any questions.