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Rob Erdmann's Artwork in the Amsterdam Jewish quarter

A Jewish monument in an Amsterdam school

Public primary school, de Witte Olifant, unveiled on 25 April the monument commemorating the pupils and teachers deported during the Second World War.

three separate schools

At the time, the school consisted of three separate schools: De Jonas Daniël Meijerschool in Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat, Oudeschansschool in Nieuwe Batavierstraat and Van Alphenschool in Oudeschans. In 1941, the occupier designated the Van Alphenschool and the J.D. Meijerschool as the Jewish schools. Jewish school No. 1 and Jewish school No. 2.

"to the outside"

In the entrance hall and stairwell, space has been made available for the poem "To the outside" by Ida Vos, from her collection: "Thirty-five tears". This collection refers to the 35 Jewish pupils in her class, four of whom survived WWII.

naming victims

Designer and colleague Rob Erdmann has made a graphic translation of the poem and mentions the names of all the victims in his work of art. The idea is to honor the war victims by naming them and making them in a way immortal.

plaques at the main entrance

Rob has also designed two plaques that you can find at the main entrance of both Amsterdam School buildings

Sealed: 3m x 1.5 m, hot rolled steel 3mm
Plaque: 0.4m x 0.5m, steel 6mm powder coated
Names: stickers on glass